Unfortunately, we need to inform you that there will be no Alpodrom this year and we will have to postpone the festival to next year. :-(

What was to be expected

For over two years now, we have been working on our vision of a music and culture festival in Switzerland. Planning and realising Alpodrom in such uncertain times, has presented us with various challenges. Despite the pandemic situation we have all been facing for over a year now, we and many other lovely people have put hundreds of hours into a project, one we could never be completely sure would be allowed to happen. We have hoped, trembled, planned, outlined ideas, and discarded them. That was to be expected.

What was not to be expected

We have been preparing the festival in close cooperation with the site and the local authorities. Unexpectedly and very recently, we have learned that the festival site will no longer be available as planned this year. In the middle of the pandemic, this is an additional obstacle that neither of the involved expected. We have since weighed alternatives and looked for new ways to still be able to realise the festival this year. During this process however, we had to admit to ourselves that, with less than four months left until the festival date, it is impossible for us to carry out Alpodrom in 2021 in a form that reflects our original vision.

What does that mean now?

Of course, we've wished for a different outcome. We'd have been far too happy to create a space that brings people together again, especially in these difficult times. So, what do we do with this situation? While the cancellation is of course a heavy damper for the time being, we already started planning next year's edition. We are convinced and full of anticipation that Alpodrom will finally take place in 2022 for the first time.

Therefore all tickets will keep their validity and we will announce the new date in August. For those who cannot make it next year: we do fully refund purchased tickets. Please contact hello@alpodrom.ch. We hope that we can celebrate with as many of you as possible in 2022.

Well, we imagined it a bit differently – but we are already very much looking forward to next year and thank you for your heartfelt support!

Alpodrom Crew

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⚡️Leglerareal, Glarus⚡️22.07 - 25.07 2021⚡️ Leglerareal, Glarus⚡️22.07 - 25.07 2021⚡️ Leglerareal, Glarus⚡️22.07 - 25.07 2021⚡️Leglerareal, Glarus⚡️22.07 - 25.07 2021