⚡️Leglerareal, Glarus⚡️22.07 - 25.07 2021⚡️ Leglerareal, Glarus⚡️22.07 - 25.07 2021⚡️ Leglerareal, Glarus⚡️22.07 - 25.07 2021⚡️Leglerareal, Glarus⚡️22.07 - 25.07 2021


It is our vision to bring Swiss artists together across cantonal borders and to create a space for exchange and networking. We are convinced, it is time for a multi-day music and arts festival that expands and illuminates the electronic music and arts scene in Switzerland. An art and music festival, as sustainable as possible, on an abandoned industrial site at the foot of the Glarus Alps, with a friendly atmosphere and a selected program. A festival that represents the diversity of this scene and is able to radiate beyond borders. We are a team of friends with different stories and backgrounds in the music, art and club scene. Organized as a collective, which does not define success by commercial factors, but offers a platform for exchange, rapture and the celebration of a common idea for a fleeting moment.


As organizers, we bear a great ecological responsibility. The realization of a festival poses an additional impact on the environment, which is why the claim to be a sustainable festival is already difficult and contradictory in this respect. But this circumstance offers us the opportunity to learn and to deal with it critically. This means that we actively address sustainability as a factor in planning processes and try to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible. We also aim to support our guests in making their festival experience as ecological as possible. We will communicate our sustainability efforts in more detail at a later date.


Alpodrom should become a playground for the creation of new narratives of diversity and being together. It should be possible to engage in free and self-determined experiences. Mutual respect and awareness are central to such experiences and allow us to enjoy a positive festival. Discrimination of any kind, whether sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, or ableism, has no place at Alpodrom. Sexual violence, physical as well as verbal, will not be tolerated. Intrusive and abusive behavior will not be tolerated. It is our task to organize Alpodrom in such a way that the well-being of all participants, organizers and residents is guaranteed. However, we also depend on mutual respect and communication. Please communicate your boundaries, respect your own as well as those of all other participants and notify us, in case you observe discrimination of any kind. Our awareness team will communicate about our awareness efforts in more detail at a later date.

Sustainability and awareness are central to us, but we realize that we cannot conclusively address or answer these topics as a collective. If you have inputs, ideas, or questions about these topics, please write to us at hello@alpodrom.ch. We are grateful for your views and constructive criticism that help us uncover our blind spots.


Verein Alpodrom
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